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“Finally! Oscar Hermosillo, owner of tiny tiny always super packed Venice Beach Wines, soft opened his new concept which has been in the works for three years now, Oscar’s Cerveteca. Back in December Oscar told Eater he hoped to open in January, but after continually checking in with him, it was clear the project had hit more delays. Back then he described the venue as a Spanish beer bar that served Veracuz-style eats, 30 seats inside, 30 seats outside, 1,200 square feet (another little one), and a mixed batch of 150 beers. He made sure to explain that this was not a chef-driven concept.

Anyway, Grub Street popped by to snap an exterior and brings news that, while Cerveteca has SOFT opened (emphasis on the soft), the full debut lands on May 16. To eat Oscar is serving everything from sashimi to fish tacos, plus three different burgers. First two Yelp reports start strong.”